AMC Vaccinating Our Community!

The Acadian Medical Center team had a great day yesterday as we vaccinated over 100 people in our community!

After our frontline employees were vaccinated.  We were able to obtain more doses.  Our community and our patients were our priority!  As your local hospital, we are hoping to continue to do our part in taking care of our patients and our community!

If you or your loved one would like to be placed on our waiting list, please like our Facebook page, and email your request to  Please include patient's name, date of birth, and a good contact number.   We will contact you as we are able to receive more vaccines!   We are following guidance from the Louisiana Department of Health for criteria and eligibility.  As criteria opens up more, we will update this information on our FB page and our website

We ask that you please do not call our hospital so we can focus on caring for our patients. We will be sure to contact you as we receive more vaccines!