Women's Center at Acadian Medical Center

The all new Women's Center at Acadian Medical Center offers you hope, encouragement, experience, and technology. We are dedicated to you, understand your healthcare needs, and respect your desire for trust and comfort.

We offer a wide range of services from prenatal classes to a seven bed unit with six labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartal suites. Our unit is designed to foster a home-like atmosphere with new larger suites to better accommodate our patients and their families.

Our Women's Center has complete obstetrical care coverage by four Board Certified Obstetricians and with all OB nurses having obtained fetal monitoring certifications as well as 100% staff certificiation in Neonatal resuscitation.

Acadian Medical Center's staff of Board Certified Pediatricians are here to serve you. Every physician, nurse, and staff member offer the highest level of care and experience in their field. Their knowledge and training offer you high quality medical care and choices you need, right here at home.

All videography requires written consent of the patient and approval of the attending physician. Videography may be taken after the infant has been completely delivered and stabilized, and the condition of the Mother allows it, as determined by the physician.

Diabetic teaching, nutritional consultation, Mom/Baby care, and breastfeeding education are some of our routine patient education provided along with Prenatal classes being offered prior to the delivery.

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Outpatient and Observation services are provided for the expecting mother greater than 20 weeks gestation.

We at Acadian Medical Center are dedicated to providing you and your family very good care and a safe environment for your infant.

Designated a Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Champion

Being a mom is tough. At Acadian Medical Center, it's important that our working moms feel supported both as employees and mothers. That's why we are proud to have been recognized by the Mary Amelia Women's Health Center and the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition as a Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Champion.

What's that mean? It means we provide the time, space and support for our employees who breastfeed or pump milk to feed their babies.

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